Parallax Magic

I’ve got another update on Hoagie’s new Labyrinth Puzzle Game that is currently under development. The game will have a level map that shows your progress as you go through the levels, highlighting what you have done and what still lies ahead. And to add a bit of mystery and beauty to this level, a parallax effect will be used.

A parallax effect on Stonehenge–the background and objects move at a different rate.

What is parallax? You’ve probably seen it on websites before. The parts of the website move out of sync with the background, so it gives the effect of floating or flying above the rest of the webpage, for example. In the gif above, which is using artwork from the game, you can see parts of it moving differently from the background. It gives a sort of 3D look to the 2d game, because of the change in perspective. This should add a fun and spooky element to the look of the game!


Checking in with Our New Puzzle Game

The characters have lots to say in this game.

A little report on our newest project is the perfect way to reveal some surprises! The new puzzle game we’ve been working on here at Hoagie Games has been steadily growing. There’s a lot of story in this game, and the characters will tell you many things about mysterious artifacts you’ll be collecting.

You’ll solve fun puzzles and learn about Marty and her family’s business. Together you’ll explore the secret labyrinths that hide beneath many countries around the world. There will be loot to recover, fantastic tales to remember, and enemies to fight. And it all starts with you and Marty having a chat!

The artwork featured here will not be the finished artwork when the game is released, but it gives you an idea how the game will look and feel. There is still a lot of work to be done, and if you’d like to be considered for early access, join our mailing list. You’ll also get tips on how to play and win our games as well as information on future projects.

Until next time!

Meet Marty

Marty the adventurer!
Your helper in the labyrinths.

I’ve got some new artwork to share with you from Hoagie’s upcoming Labyrinth mobile game for Android. Meet Marty (AKA Martha), fellow adventurer and labyrinth enthusiast! She’ll be the one to travel with you as you explore the labyrinths of the world looking for treasure. Though danger lurks around every corner, you can count on Marty to keep a cool head and support you in any way she can in your quest.

More info coming soon!

What’s Coming Up for Pet Park Pop

Is this week turning out to be everything you dreamed it would be? I hope so! Here at Hoagie, we’ve been making plans to improve Pet Park Pop, and I’d like to share some of those plans with you.

We’d like to include the ability for players to log in with their Google Play account so we can make leaderboards and other cool social features in the future. And speaking of the future…

When you play Pet Park Pop, you scroll along a park map that connects 100 puzzles together and the map is decorated with fun artwork along a theme. The first 100 levels had an island themed park, and the next 100 (from the last update) featured a park out in the country.

Part of the game board for the park’s first 100 levels.

The park theme for the upcoming puzzle levels 201-300 will be … SPACE! So we’ll be playing in a space park with a few outer-worldly surprises thrown in. Once the theme is chosen, we have to plan the artwork. The map for each level group is divided into several pieces of artwork, and how it will look, and what surprises are included, has to be decided before we can work on it.

Because we are small, we have a lot of creative flexibility. I’ll share some of the artwork with you over the coming weeks. We’d like to release another update in about a month with the new map and the login ability, although it won’t have 100 new levels, but we’ll include as many as we can.

Get started playing now so you’ll be ready to see levels 201+ when they arrive! ❤ Download Pet Park Pop on Google Play.

Making a New Puzzle Game

I hope that you are having a great start to your week. ❤ Thanks for reading Hoagie Games’ development blog. There have been some new happenings that might be fun to hear about. Let’s go!

Getting the UI just right.

Our (as yet unnamed) labyrinth puzzle game is in the works. This game will put you on an adventure around the globe. You’ll test your mettle against fearsome labyrinths and follow an exciting story line full of romance and treasure. But to get around, you need a UI! So an important part of game development is making sure the player can do basic things like log in, turn sound on and off, move around a fun game board, etc. And that’s what’s being done right now.

The game is being built in Unity, which is software used to make video games, mobile phone apps, and other kinds of computer applications. Unity has a lot of built-in features to make setting up games easy, but there’s still a lot of work that a developer has to do themselves. There’s a lot of programming that goes into a game, not to mention artwork and writing. All of these things have to be created and integrated into the game. As the game gets more and more features (and a title!), I’ll share that with you here.

If you’d like to get regular updates (about once a month) without following the dev blog, you can join our email list by clicking here.

Me fight over food? Naaahhh…

Lastly, if you are a wild bird fan (and who isn’t? 🙂 ), our backyard has become overrun with new young adult birds just getting the hang of things. The bird moms and dads have been teaching them that our feeder is where it’s at, so the bickering outside our window has reached an all-time high. The feeder has become a battle royal!

First Post!

Lavendel the unicorn is just so happy to be here.

It’s the very first post of the developer blog! I hope that you’ll like it here. I’m Jen, and I’ll be sharing lots of info with you in the future about what we’re making, how we’re making it, and when it will be ready for you to play.

I chose Lavendel for my avatar. He’s a star of Pet Park Pop, one of the 6 animals you’ll meet in the game. He’s a city boy who likes everything new and flashy. Me too! If it glitters, I’m there.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Hoagie’s first game, Pet Park Pop, was released about a month ago, and we are working on new game features that will be revealed here first, in the developer blog. To top it off, a brand new game is in the works! I’ll post more about that soon.

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We’ve got a lot planned for our first year. Hope you’ll enjoy it with us!

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