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Let’s Hear It

Hi friends! Progress is being made in the fishing game and the sound system for it has been developed. What is the sound system like? You will be able to move sliders to choose the volume of the sound effects and the music separately. We think it’s pretty neat!

Simple Sound Control

I admit that when I play a game, I sometimes like to turn the sounds off. I do this mostly with mobile games. Why? It helps me to concentrate on the game itself, especially if it’s a puzzle game. I feel like I score better with less distractions.

But when it’s a slower-paced game, I think the sound is a very important part of the experience. For instance, we carefully chose the music and sound effects for the fishing game (like the “bloop” sound some buttons make) to remind the player of water, fishing, and fish. Contrasting sounds (like the alert sound) warn you but are not too harsh. The idea is to keep the mood fun and relaxing.

What do you think? How important do you think sound is in a game? Let’s hear it!


4 replies on “Let’s Hear It”

  1. I’ve always felt sounds are important in games. To have sound effects really draws your attention to the game but I do like the option to be able to turn them off (as well as the music) if I’m somewhere where I need to be quiet. I like games that let you adjust the effects and music volume separately too. Sometimes the volume of one can overpower the other on the default setting so it’s good to have the chance to adjust them to what I prefer, and sometimes I’m just fussy and want to purely listen to the music or the sound instead 😁😁☺️

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    1. Nothing wrong with being fussy! 😄 Sometimes we want things “just so”. You make a good point that one type of sound can overpower another. This is something we want to avoid. Thanks for commenting!

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