How did it turn out?

It works!

Were you wondering how the inventory turned out? It’s not too bad! The gif above shows the basic way it will work, and it does the things we set out to do: It can sell one or all the fish, and the correct amount goes into the player’s coin stash. Wonderful!

You can also see how a part of the game will work–the player chooses an area to fish, and catches a funny fish. Some of the catches will be duds, though. Things like tin cans, old tires, and maybe even a surprise or two will not be able to be sold. There is still a lot of polishing that needs to be done, but we have to go one step at a time. We improve what we can as we go.

The next part of the game that we will be working on involves creating a lot of artwork. The player will have a home to decorate with the money earned. This will give us a lot to expand on in the future.

Have a great weekend!

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