Parallax Magic

I’ve got another update on Hoagie’s new Labyrinth Puzzle Game that is currently under development. The game will have a level map that shows your progress as you go through the levels, highlighting what you have done and what still lies ahead. And to add a bit of mystery and beauty to this level, a parallax effect will be used.

A parallax effect on Stonehenge–the background and objects move at a different rate.

What is parallax? You’ve probably seen it on websites before. The parts of the website move out of sync with the background, so it gives the effect of floating or flying above the rest of the webpage, for example. In the gif above, which is using artwork from the game, you can see parts of it moving differently from the background. It gives a sort of 3D look to the 2d game, because of the change in perspective. This should add a fun and spooky element to the look of the game!

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