What’s Coming Up for Pet Park Pop

Is this week turning out to be everything you dreamed it would be? I hope so! Here at Hoagie, we’ve been making plans to improve Pet Park Pop, and I’d like to share some of those plans with you.

We’d like to include the ability for players to log in with their Google Play account so we can make leaderboards and other cool social features in the future. And speaking of the future…

When you play Pet Park Pop, you scroll along a park map that connects 100 puzzles together and the map is decorated with fun artwork along a theme. The first 100 levels had an island themed park, and the next 100 (from the last update) featured a park out in the country.

Part of the game board for the park’s first 100 levels.

The park theme for the upcoming puzzle levels 201-300 will be … SPACE! So we’ll be playing in a space park with a few outer-worldly surprises thrown in. Once the theme is chosen, we have to plan the artwork. The map for each level group is divided into several pieces of artwork, and how it will look, and what surprises are included, has to be decided before we can work on it.

Because we are small, we have a lot of creative flexibility. I’ll share some of the artwork with you over the coming weeks. We’d like to release another update in about a month with the new map and the login ability, although it won’t have 100 new levels, but we’ll include as many as we can.

Get started playing now so you’ll be ready to see levels 201+ when they arrive! ❤ Download Pet Park Pop on Google Play.

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