Making a New Puzzle Game

I hope that you are having a great start to your week. ❤ Thanks for reading Hoagie Games’ development blog. There have been some new happenings that might be fun to hear about. Let’s go!

Getting the UI just right.

Our (as yet unnamed) labyrinth puzzle game is in the works. This game will put you on an adventure around the globe. You’ll test your mettle against fearsome labyrinths and follow an exciting story line full of romance and treasure. But to get around, you need a UI! So an important part of game development is making sure the player can do basic things like log in, turn sound on and off, move around a fun game board, etc. And that’s what’s being done right now.

The game is being built in Unity, which is software used to make video games, mobile phone apps, and other kinds of computer applications. Unity has a lot of built-in features to make setting up games easy, but there’s still a lot of work that a developer has to do themselves. There’s a lot of programming that goes into a game, not to mention artwork and writing. All of these things have to be created and integrated into the game. As the game gets more and more features (and a title!), I’ll share that with you here.

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Me fight over food? Naaahhh…

Lastly, if you are a wild bird fan (and who isn’t? 🙂 ), our backyard has become overrun with new young adult birds just getting the hang of things. The bird moms and dads have been teaching them that our feeder is where it’s at, so the bickering outside our window has reached an all-time high. The feeder has become a battle royal!

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